Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tag my bags at the Reception or at the Cruise Port?

You will always receive a proper instructions after booking. Below is quick explanation too:

In the hotel:

Please ask the Reception to clearly mark your bags with name and numbers of bag. Example with 3 bags: “1/3”, “2/3” and 3/3.

You may tell the Reception that Copenhagen Luggage Service will pick-up your luggage. Copenhagen Luggage Service will then identify the bags with the hotel employee, and show your printed order confirmation.

For cruises

For our partner cruise lines you will receive special tags unboard. For other cruises see below:

We will send you a document with tags you can print and staple to your bag-handle. This way yuour bag will during bag unloading be sorted to our staff.

In the case you are not able to print these tags (maybe due to late ordering) you must send us an email with the color of the dismbark tag you got from the cruise, and on this clearly mark name used for ordering, and “Copenhagen LUGGAGE SERVICE” and bag “1 of 3”, “2 of 3” etc.

When shall my bags be ready in the Reception

Please leave your bags in the Reception before 8:30. Copenhagen Luggage Service will pick up your luggage during the day and hand over your luggage in the airport or at other desired destination, eg to Cruise Stateroom.

Cruise departure – where will my bags be delivered at my cruise ship?

Your luggage will be delivered to your stateroom. Therefore you do not need to be present at the cruise port to receive your luggage.

The cruise tag you have received from your cruise line, must be placed on each bag. This tag will identify your name and stateroom.

All bags will be x-rayed by the cruise security staff and carried to your stateroom by the cruise staff.

Cruise arrival – do I need to be present to identify my bags?

No, Copenhagen Luggage Service will locate your bags in the baggage claim area, so you may go straight on sightseeing.

For our cruise partners you will receive special tags at the ship to mark your bags. For other cruises it works like described below. You will also receive instructions after your order:

  • Attach the colored disembark tags you’ll receive from the cruise line a few days before disembarking
  • Please print and attach a “Copenhagen Luggage Service” tag too. These tags will be sent to you after your order and payment is made. Please print from home.


How do I receive my bags at a private address like AirBnB without an open Reception?

If you have a stay where we cannot expect an open reception for pick-up or delivery. We will agree a pick-up time with you. We pick up and deliver at street level.

You will receive a 2 hours’ time slot from us latest the day before. We will send you a text message approx. ½ hour before arrival, so you know the exact time of arrival. Extra fee will be applied if you prefer a specific time slot outside our normal route for luggage transfer.

What if I am arriving or departing outside your opening hours?

We operate 24/7 upon pre-agreement. If you arrive/depart outside the normal seasonal opening hours there will be an extra fee. Please contact us for details.

What if my flight is delayed?

We will track your flight and be ready at the actual arrival time. If your flight is delayed, you will not be charged an extra fee for any late handling. We will do our outmost to service you no matter what happens.

How do I find the Copenhagen Luggage Service office?

Our meeting point is located on the left hand side after you pass through Customs in Terminal 3 (applies to all flights). Look for the Airshells sign and either call our number or contact the Airshells staff for help. Then we will meet you there.


Can I order special arrangement or assistance?

Do not hesitate to ask for any additional services you may need. We can offer Meet & Greet, assistance for check-in, meet you in the terminal instead of the office, etc.

For how long can I store my bags?

We provide storage from hours to days.

Can I combine storage and luggage transfer?

Yes, you can. For example, you could have the luggage transferred from Cruise to storage, while you enjoy some nights in a hotel with less luggage. We will store your luggage and hand it over to you in the airport upon your departure.

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