CPH Luggage Service takes care of luggage hassle so you can get the most out of your stay in Copenhagen

Lost baggage in Copenhagen?

We help you locate and rush the bag to you. We search your bag for €125 incl. tax

Contact us here or call us at +45 53 700 777

Lost baggage in Copenhagen?

We help you to locate your lost bag and rush it to you

We can locate and rush the bag to you faster than the standard procedure allows

If you cannot wait to have your bag delivered in the standard airline procedure, then we can often help you to locate the bag quickly and rush it to you.

It can be time consuming and frustrating to just even figure out what the status is, but here we can help.

For just €125 incl tax, we search your bag and if found we can help to ship it to you (shipping cost is additional).

If it is not found, then we can give you a status and see if it can be delivered later. It depends upon where in the world the bag is last seen.



How we locate you bag

If your bag is missing upon arrival in Copenhagen airport, or even on departure. Then we can help locate it. 

Time consuming and frustrating

It can be time consuming and frustrating for you to even get in contact with the right people to figure out what is happening to your bag. Here we use our network and go talk to each responsible handler to figure out where the bag is.

Do you need your bag faster?

Even after the bag has arrived in Copenhagen, it might takes days before it is delivered to your place, and maybe you have moved to a new location/country during this time.

We can help rush the bag to you. We can by-pass the standard procedure and locate the bag quickly and have it shipped to you. Shipping cost is an additional fee and depends upon your location

What does it cost

The cost to us is just €100 to search you bag and get it out of Customs. Then it is up to you how we should ship it. Eg. by taxi to a hotel, or a 3rd party carrier.

Our fee of €100 is fixed for the search no matter the outcome, but in almost all cases we find a ship the bags. Very old cases can be more diffcoult, so contact us as soon as possible.

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