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Copenhagen Luggage Service’s general conditions for collecting and transporting luggage

Copenhagen Luggage Service is part of the Valizo group, Valizo ApS CVR: 37820059


  1. Terms which are not set out in these conditions, or which are not agreed in writing between the Parties are excluded.
  2. Copenhagen Luggage Service cannot be held responsible for non-collection of or damage to luggage due to Force Majeure or other unforeseen circumstances beyond Copenhagen Luggage Service’s control.
  3. Copenhagen Luggage Service is responsible for luggage from the point of receipt from THE CLIENT to handover to the airline/baggage handlers at the airport. Thereafter responsibility passes to the airline/handlers.
  4. Subsequently all enquiries relating, for example, to lost or damaged luggage must be addressed to the airline which is liable to the CLIENT.



  1. All sensitive personal information is treated as confidential and is stored in accordance with Danish data protection legislation.
  2. By accepting Copenhagen Luggage Service’s terms of business the CLIENT authorizes Copenhagen Luggage Service to check in online for the parties concerned.



Requirements relating to luggage & check-in

  1. Only items which can clearly be defined as luggage for travelling such as suitcases, bags, skis and golf equipment will be transported.
  2. All items of luggage must be portable, which is to say it must have a handle or equivalent whereby it can be carried by a single individual.
  3. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to ensure that the luggage complies with the requirements of the relevant airline in terms of weight, size and contents.
  4. Copenhagen Luggage Service is entitled at any time to decline to transport items of luggage. No bill will be issued for rejected luggage.
  5. Oversized luggage shall be defined according to the relevant airline’s rules and includes items such as golf and ski equipment, prams/buggies, bicycles etc.
  6. If for any reason check-in is not possible for the individual CLIENT or denied by the airline then a new arrangement can be made or order can be canceled and refunded

Requirements relating to luggage contents

  1. By accepting these terms of business the CLIENT declares that the luggage does not contain any illegal items; also that each item of luggage is approved for flight. Always check your airline’s terms and conditions.
  2. Airport security or baggage handlers are entitled to deem all or part of the CLIENT’s luggage unsuitable for flight. It then becomes the CLIENT’s own responsibility to collect the luggage from the airport. Wherever possible Copenhagen Luggage Service will notify the CLIENT of the airline’s decision if the problem arises before the luggage is sent to the airport.
  3. The luggage collected by Copenhagen Luggage Service must not contain any dangerous items, ammunition, weapons or parts of weapons.

Requirements relating to collection

  1. In the event that due to the CLIENT’s absence from the agreed collection address during the agreed period (or agreed time at the cruise port) makes collection impossible Copenhagen Luggage Service’s obligations shall lapse, but the agreed charge shall still apply.
  2. All luggage must be locked when collected.
  3. If there is no reasonable access to the collection address Copenhagen Luggage Service may cancel the booking.
  4. A passport (or a copy thereof) for each passenger who has luggage covered by the booking must be presented. Copenhagen Luggage Service reserves the right to take a photograph of the passport(s). This photograph will be held for a maximum of 60 days and shall not be used by or divulged to any third party.
  5. Copenhagen Luggage Service retains the right to photograph the luggage.



  1. If the luggage is damaged or fails to appear on arrival at the destination or at home the airline must be informed at once. A PIR (Property Irregularity Report) will then be filled in and used, as appropriate, for international tracking of the luggage or, in relation to an insurance claim, as documentation for the extent of the damage. Important! It is the CLIENT’s own responsibility to ensure that such a report is completed. In the absence of travel insurance the house contents insurance terms may cover this eventuality. There is also the option of lodging a compensation claim directly with the airline (enquiries must be directed to the relevant airline’s customer service).
    Any damage related to normal use of luggage is not compensated and cannot be reclaimed. Example which is not covered is a broken handle if staff is lifting the luggage, or broken luggage wheels if bag is moved as it was intended on its wheels.
  2. Airlines or airport security may in some circumstances require that the CLIENT retrieves his or her luggage prior to boarding. Copenhagen Luggage Service is not responsible for any delays caused by such circumstances.



  1. All bookings must be guaranteed by credit card.
  2. Full refund will be given where cancellation is received no later than 60 hours before the agreed collection time. Refunds can take up to 5 working days to complete.
  3. If, in connection with delivery of luggage at the airport to the airline/baggage handlers, any charges are imposed (such as for excess weight or size), payable by the CLIENT to the airline/handler, there will be a bill in the airline’s/handler’s account at the airport and must be settled by the CLIENT before going to Security prior to boarding. The office is usually in Departures near the check-in desks.



  1. Copenhagen Luggage Service reserves the right to record all customer calls. This is in order to improve the quality of Copenhagen Luggage Service’s customer service.

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